General Election 2024: What’s next for the renters reform bill?

General Election 2024: What's next for the renters reform bill?

Update on Renters (Reform) Bill: Status and Future Prospects As highlighted in our previous update, the Renters (Reform) Bill did not progress among the draft legislation slated for approval before the Parliamentary session ended. Consequently, none of the proposed changes from this Bill will be enacted into law. The shelving of the Renters (Reform) Bill […]

What could make a section 21 eviction notice invalid?

what could make a section 21 invalid empty rental property post eviction

When issuing a Section 21 notice, it’s crucial to avoid mistakes that could render it invalid. Fortunately, Possession Proceedings is here to assist, ensuring your notice is accurately prepared. For instance, not adhering to tenancy deposit regulations, such as failing to protect the deposit in a government-authorized scheme, can nullify your notice. Other errors that […]

Renters Reform Bill: How will it Affect Section 21 & Section 8 notices?

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In 2019, the Government made a commitment to ban no-fault evictions, intending to outlaw Section 21. While housing activists welcomed the proposal, it left the private rental sector in a state of flux, which persists to this day. Recently, the House of Commons held the third reading of the Renters (Reform) Bill, accompanied by over […]

Landlord Questions & Answers – April Edition

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Are eviction notices public records in the UK? In the UK, eviction notices are generally not considered public records in the same way as some other legal documents, such as property ownership records or court judgments. However, certain information related to evictions may become public through legal proceedings or if it is recorded in court […]

Big Surge in Rental Property Demand: A Significant Increase on the Horizon

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Unprecedented demand for rental properties Landlords are witnessing a surge in tenant demand, reaching an unprecedented high of 62 percent, according to recent research commissioned by Paragon Bank. This marks a significant uptick from previous years, with tenant demand soaring to its highest level since 2011 when tracking began. Throughout the challenging landscape of the […]

5 Essential Tips for New Landlords: Navigating the Rental Property Journey

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Embarking on the journey of becoming a landlord can be both exciting and daunting. Whether you’re leasing out a single property or building a portfolio, being a successful landlord requires more than just owning real estate. It demands a blend of knowledge, skill, and a proactive approach to property management. If you’re a new landlord, […]

Changes in UK Rental Laws: What Landlords Need to Know

Landlord rental property key

Understanding the Impact of Recent Legislative Amendments on Landlords Across the UK In recent years, the landscape of rental laws in the United Kingdom has been subject to significant transformation, directly impacting landlords nationwide. From revised regulations to new legislative measures, landlords are facing a multitude of changes that necessitate a thorough understanding to navigate […]

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