What could make a section 21 eviction notice invalid?

what could make a section 21 invalid empty rental property post eviction

When issuing a Section 21 notice, it’s crucial to avoid mistakes that could render it invalid. Fortunately, Possession Proceedings is here to assist, ensuring your notice is accurately prepared.

For instance, not adhering to tenancy deposit regulations, such as failing to protect the deposit in a government-authorized scheme, can nullify your notice.

Other errors that could render a section 21 eviction notice invalid:

  • A frequent error is not supplying tenants with an EPC or a gas safety certificate.
  • Additionally, you must ensure compliance with all local and national licensing requirements and confirm that you have not received any improvement or emergency remedial notices from the local authority in the past six months.
  • Charging a prohibited fee or retaining a holding deposit can also invalidate a Section 21 notice.

Although this may seem overwhelming, Possession Proceedings is here to guide you through all the necessary requirements to ensure your notice is properly served.


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