Debt recovery for landlords

Rapid residential debt recovery. We offer expert advice on the best course of action, taking into account your specific case circumstances, and provide an accurate assessment of your chances of recovery. Our fees remain consistent regardless of the size of the debt.

Expert help

Our trained professionals specialise in dealing with matters regarding debt recovery.

Highly experienced

We have dealt with hundreds of debt enforcement actions over more than 20 years.

Swift action

Through the knowledge we gain from the tenant during the eviction process, we are often able to enforce the money judgment quickly.

How does the process work?

Pre action

Should you not have a money judgement, a pre-action letter would have to go to the former tenant before we would be able to issue a money claim. We would have to trace the former tenant’s address if we do not know it, in addition to inquiring about the tenant’s income.

Money Claim

Should you not have a money judgement, we would have to first obtain an order from the court so that we could use one of the enforcement processes against your former tenant. Should you already have a money judgement, we would not require a pre-action letter or a money claim, allowing us to go straight to the enforcement process. For all undefended court actions, our fixed-fees include VAT and court fees. Should the action be defended, we will talk to you about costs and further options.


Once a money judgement has been obtained, we will advise you according to your specific case. Please go to our instruction page.

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